Essential Car Flashing Light Signals Used in Uganda

Car Headlight Flashing is common in Uganda. If you are not used to Ugandan roads, you may not easily understand the lights used by drivers. From simple “traffic officers ahead” lights to “safety Signals”, it is important to understand the meaning behind these signals so that you can enjoy your journey in Uganda. Below, one of our experienced drivers, Ken Mugisha, shares the common essential headlight signals used!

While on the road, fellow drivers can use the lighting signal to you so you need to interpret it not to fall into danger, some of the signs include:

  • Hello Lights – These are common in Uganda. Fellow drivers can easily warn you about prescence of traffic officers so that you cannot be get offside!
  • If an emergency vehicle such as an ambulance, fire engine or police car is coming towards you or behind you. Most ambulances have sirens and/or flash red, blue, or blue and red lights. In Uganda, ambulances, police cars and some few VIP cars have right of way. You must pull over and if necessary, stop to allow such vehicles pass. Remember in breach of these traffic laws you can be arrested by Police and issued with a fine.
  • If a police car is following you with its siren on and/or flashing blue or blue and red lights it is advisable to pull over and stop as soon as possible. If asked by Police, you must give the following to a police officer: your name, address and date of birth, your driver license. You can also call our operations department in case further details are needed by the Police Officer. Please note that you are reponsible for any driver violation of the traffic laws regarding usage of the vehicle, such as driving without a license or over speeding, wrongly parking your rented vehicle, overloading etc.
  • If a vehicle is following you with flashing blue lights, you must pull over and stop as soon as possible. Flashing blue lights are used by customs officers in Uganda. These people have the right to stop vehicles. This is not common though it can be done!
  • Doctors, nurses or midwives on urgent business may use a roof-mounted green flashing light. If you see these, you must pull over and allow the vehicle to pass.
  • When service vehicles, such as tow trucks and road maintenance vehicles, use flashing yellow lights, they are warning you to be careful around them. When you see these lights, slow down and be prepared to stop, if necessary. Please note that you can easily find road maintenance vehicles and you must follow their traffic control mechanisms.
  • Oversize vehicles may use flashing yellow lights and pilot vehicles may use flashing yellow and purple lights. These mean you must pull over and, if necessary, stop, and let all the vehicles pass.
  • Red flashing signals outside a fire station or airport mean you must stop and remain stopped until the lights stop flashing.

HINT: If you do not understand the meaning of any lights displayed by any vehicle on the road please follow what the traffic officer is instructing you to do.:

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