Essential Car Turning Tips for Uganda Drivers

Turning can be dangerous, because it usually means you have to cross the path of other vehicles. Remember turning traffic gives way to traffic that is not turning.

To legally and safely make a left or right turn, do a thorough check for other vehicles – in front, behind and to the sides

-Remember to check over your shoulder for your blind spots the areas of road to the sides of your car that you can’t see in your mirrors.

-watch for pedestrians

-Signal for at least three seconds.

-If you are turning left, use your left indicator. If you are turning right, use your right indicator.

Be prepared to stop, even if the other driver should give way to you.

-When turning or changing lanes remember to always check your blind spots.

Turning from a driveway

If you are driving out of a driveway, slow down to a complete stop at the end of the driveway.

-Check the road and footpath for pedestrians, vehicles and other hazards

-Give way to anyone using the footpath, cyclists using a cycle path or cycle lane, vehicles on the road, including vehicles turning right into the driveway.

Making a left turn

If you are turning left into another street or driveway, stay in the left-turn lane or keep to the left side of the road

-slow down before you turn

-Check your mirrors and your blind spot

-Signal for at least three seconds.

Making a U-turn

  • You are normally allowed to make U-turns, as long as the road is clear in both directions and it is safe to do so. Make sure you have enough room to complete the turn and don’t create a hazard for oncoming vehicles.
  • Please note that you aren’t allowed to make U-turns if a ‘No U-turn’ sign is displayed.
  • While on Ugandan roads, Please turn when it is safe.

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