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Would you like to hire a driver for a chauffeur in Uganda. We have experienced driver guides to take you around Uganda. Whether you need an experienced tour guide, a specialty adventure guide such as a birding guide, we have great matches for you.

Our proffessional drivers are exceptional. They continuously receive accolades from our clients on their professionalism, courtesy and attentiveness to their needs. Our drivers know every intimate part of this sprawling capital city and its environs and will take you to any location without hesitation and cunningly avoiding our renowned traffic congestion black spots. Whether it be for business meetings, NGO visits, school inspections or calling on Tea Estates, Dairies or Coffee Plantations, take advantage of our drivers to guarantee your comfort and safety that you deserve while conducting your business, meeting your co-workers or friends.

Moving to Kampala? Let us help you familiarize yourself before your vehicle arrives. Whatever the circumstances, Drive Uganda will find solutions to give you a soft landing.

How to book for a driver guide in Uganda

If you do not need to hassle with driving to tourist destinations, the company of a guide who can give you deeper insights into Ugandan culture and wildlife is crucial.

With him or her you can see more of the beautiful landscapes and animals. Our driver guides are all experienced mechanics and certified tour guides, and have been around with tourists from different continents. They can give you insights into Ugandan culture, and tell stories about the daily lives of Ugandans. What is interesting is that these guides know different languages so you should not worry about the interpretation part of it.

How to book for a driver guide in Uganda

If you need a good driver guide to any of Uganda’s National parks, they normally charge 40 dollars per day and this caters for their meals and accommodation fees. However you will pay for the drivers entrance fees.

In your online reservation, you can opt for a driver. Alternatively, you can contact us with your request specifying the details you need regarding the driver.

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