Camping Safaris

Uganda is a great country for camping, as there are many campsites around the country.

Contact us for your camping adventure in Uganda .This involves availing you a great tour vehicle plus booking all the required  camping gear including camper tents, sleeping bags , blankets, mattresses, lantern lamps, cooking equipment like frying pans, spoons, forks, cups, plastic plates to mention but a few to ensure you enjoy every bit of your safari.

Whether you are on a budget trip or love the outdoor activities, roadtripping with a full set of camping gear in the back of the car gives you a great sense of flexibility.

Budget travelers can self drive 4WDs with friends and experience the joy of camping in areas not frequented by the traditional tourist. These are ecotourism sites that are not yet exploited. They are unique and untampered with giving you total relaxation while in these environs.

We have basic camping equipment to enable you to enjoy the great outdoors for which Uganda provides some exquisite settings. These include;

  • 2 man dome/bow tents with mattresses
  • Folding chairs and tables,
  • Cutlery and cooking equipment including cooking gas

In case you need to have a camping safari or equipment on your Uganda safari, please feel free to contact us .It will be offered to you at a fair price.

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